Energy Strands

Energy Strands and How to have closure, Relationships that have long since finished. After a Divorce or bad time with a person, its time to let go release that emotional baggage that you are possibly bringing into your next relationship.

Ever dated someone and all they do is babble on about there ex, like do you want to know about there old problems. and does your new date want to hear about your problems er nope not at all?
Imagine it’s like four of you on a new date wow it hasn’t got a cat in hells chance of turning into a romantic date.
Energy Strands can be like attachments to you, you might feel fantastic with that energy or let’s say you visited a graveyard or a haunted house that energy strand you do not want.
Sometimes you meet someone new and feel great yes were in harmony, then you meet another person and you feel down depressed or I don’t like that person even if they did nothing wrong.That is their energy affecting you.
So Chris what do I do to stop it 
I call that Closure or Releasing that unwanted feeling.
Heres what to do First ask yourself, Do I really want to have closure thenif so, let’s assume its a divorce you went thru a bad experience hurt and pain in your heart area.sit in a relaxed state and mentally prepare yourself, maybe light a candle white is best, incense is great too what you do next is think of that person if that person image is too painful to accept, just think his or her namethen mentally imagine a chord or a strand to that person’s heart area to yours imagine a giant pair of scissors and cut that chord, release and feel great
Do Not send evil thoughts at that person no matter how much they might deserve it, you are playing God and its not you to judge.If you send harm it will come back to you also you are creating unfinished business that might cause you both to meet again in another lifetime to resolve that don’t do it.
That’s why soul mates that have been so happy in a past life try to reconnect again because of karmic unfinished business.
After closure it’s completed, this is a fast version there are stronger methods but if that’s what you want to get in touch with me via social media.
as a funny side note, what if that negative person is your husband or relative that you want in your life hmmm well that’s for another show.
Thanks and untill our next show that’s me Chris Cheung on signing off

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