Relationship Teacher.Tarot Reader Hypnotherapist and Psychic

            Chris cheung is a certified hypnotherapist who has over 28 years of experience working with clients worldwide. His psychic ability has led him gain fame in various media featuring on BBC, ITV, SKY, German, Canadian, Welsh, Spanish, Gibraltan TV and radio. His shows has gain success where he even had his own radio show, Talk107fm, broadcasting weekly in Edinburgh (Scotland). 

            Chris recently starred on BBC TV documentary about his life as a psychic and the benefits he can give to his clients in solving their personal dilemmas such as relationship. 

            Chris comments: 

            “I like to think that I am the last chance saloon as people don’t really know what to do or where to turn to for help and guidance when there relationship has ended. For example, my most recent client had split up with her partner. I guided her throughout, giving her solutions and the steps to take. She is now happily engaged and even has her marriage date booked!” 

            Cheung offers love guidance therapist and hypnotherapy courses. 

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